Projects Under Design / Construction**

**Timeframes and costs shown are approximate and subject to change
Project Major Scope Bid Month Const Time ~COST/TIME
Rifle Creek Trail New Trail, City Market to 11th Feb COMPLETE $250,000
Crack/Chip & Seal Maintenance Mar COMPLETE $100,000
12th/Howard SW Sidewalk/repave Mar COMPLETE $340,000
Highlands Roads Road Rebuild Mar COMPLETE $600,000
Stoplights Several Stoplight Replacements Aug 2017 8 weeks
WTP Driveway New drive, drainage Aug COMPLETE $60,000
Enterprise Ct Road Rebuild, drainage Jan 2017 6 weeks
Boat Ramp Ramp/Park facility July Fall $240,000
West 5th Road Rebuild, drainage Feb Summer 17 $600,000
Hosp Hill Rd Road Rebuild, drainage Jan 2017 4 weeks