Backflow Device Installation & Testing

Back flow Prevention Device
Back flow prevention devices are required by the City of Rifle and the State of Colorado to be tested once a year. Backflow prevention devices are installed on sprinkler systems. They ensure that there is no backflow or siphon age of any liquid, gas or solid back into the city’s municipal water. It’s important to protect our water supply from contamination and pollution. 

Certified Testers List

Company Contact Phone
Climate Control
Paige Mickley
Brohn Plumbing and Heating
Bruce Harper 
John Sandquist
Fire Sprinkler Services
Main Office
Jeff of All Trades
Jeffrey Abts
RDR Back flow Specialties
Russell Ashby
R L Mechanical Ryan Lahti 970-379-2144
Tri County Fire
Main Office
If you have a Backflow Tester doing your inspection and they are not on file with the City of Rifle your test may not be approved. Please have the tester contact the City of Rifle (970) 665-6580 option 1 to be approved.

Sprinkler System Permit
A sprinkler system permit must be turned in and approved before any sprinkler system is installed. Backflow device has to be tested by a certfied technician and paper work submitted to the City of Rifle before inspection. Backflow device has to be tested on a yearly basis thereafter and approbal sent to the City of Rifle.   

  Any person who willfully violates or fails or refuses to comply with any order issued by the Administrator under subsection (A) (1) may, in an action brought in the appropriate United States District Court to enforce such order, be fined no more than $5,000 for each day in which such violation occurs or failure to comply continues. (Section 1449 – Citizen’s Civil Action).

Sprinkler System Permit