License Renewal

Marijuana business licenses are valid for one year from the date of the approval by the City and must be renewed each year. Renewal applications must be submitted to the City Clerk no later than 45 days before the license expires. If your renewal application arrives after the due date, your application will be rejected and your license will not be renewed. 

An application to renew a marijuana business license (PDF) consists of the following items:
  • City of Rifle Marijuana Business License Application, including applicable items on the checklist on page 4 of the application The following documents completed by each individual applicant, officer, stockholder, director, managing member, member, partner, or center/operation/manufacturer/facility manager
    • City of Rifle Fingerprint, Background Check, and Disclosure Notice
    • Affidavit Concerning Criminal History
    • Fingerprints submitted to the Rifle Police Department
  • City fees 
Renewal Process
The renewal process includes the following steps:
  1. Preliminary conference with City Clerk
  2. Completion and submission of application forms by applicant
  3. Review of documents for completeness by staff
  4. Background investigation by staff
  5. Review of results of background investigation by staff
  6. Decision by City Manager
  7. Submission of application to state by City Clerk
  8.  State approval Issuance of licenses by City Clerk
The process generally takes 3-4 months. For additional information, please contact the City Clerk.