Activities and Events

Discovery Activities

Join us for these activities that are aimed at broadening horizons!  No experience is necessary for any of them, even SCUBA!  All activities are Saturday mornings.  SCUBA is from 7:30am-9:30am on its mornings.  Inner Tube Water Polo, Synchronized Swimming, Diving, and Athlete Aqua Jogging are from 10:30am-11:30am on their respective mornings.  All dates are independent and separate sessions from one another, and fees only apply towards one session.

Discover SCUBA

Ages- 8+
Fee- $50.00

June 11th / July 9th / August 6th

*Led by certified dive instructors from Joe's SCUBA Shack in Grand Junction, CO*

Click this image for more information about Joe's SCUBA Shack


Inner Tube Water Polo

Fee- $10.00

June 4th / June 11th

For a look at what inner tube water polo looks like in action, click here.
Inner Tube Water Polo

Synchronized Swimming

Fee- $10.00

June 18th / June 25th

For a look at what synchronized swimming is all about, click here.


Fee- $10.00

July 2nd / July 9th

Take a look at how one reporter got introduced to diving, click here.

Athlete Aqua Jogging

Fee- $10.00

July 23rd / July 30th

For a look at why people aqua jog, click here.
Aqua Jog

Dive-In Movie Nights are sponsored by:

Dive-In Movie Nights

Dive-In Movie Nights times are all subject to change, as the movie will start when the sun has set. The admission fee for all movies is $6.00.  
We are still looking for sponsors for Dive-In Movie Nights, contact James Vaughan at 970665-6573 to see how your company can get their logo here!
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Dive-In *Pirate* Movie Night - Hook

June 17th


Dive-In Movie Night - The Spongebob Squarepants Movie

June 24th


Dive-In Movie Night - Finding Nemo

July 15th


Dive-In Movie Night - Jaws

August 5th


Parental consent form required for children under 13 years old-click here

For more details about why we are asking for this consent form and the exact content of this movie, click here.

Annual Events

Pirate and Mermaid Party

Fee- $8.00

June 17th


Chalk it UP!

June 22nd

Independence Day Parade

July 4th

Dog Day is brought to you through both

Rifle Parks and Recreation and the Rifle Animal Shelter!

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Dog Day

Fee- Free! $5 Suggested Donation

September 9th

Underwater Dog

Dog Day is sponsored by:

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We are still looking for sponsors for Dog Day, contact James Vaughan at 970-665-6573 for information about how you can get your logo here!