Highlands Area Roadwork

This letter is to let you know of some upcoming work planned for the vicinity Highlands Area subdivision. In conjunction with the City’s increased emphasis on road maintenance, and endeavoring to focus your tax dollars efficiently, we are looking at “whole neighborhood” road infrastructure programs. Highlands is an area targeted for such work for 2016. Due to the varied levels of work required and the varied ages of the roadways in the neighborhood, and the budget constraints, the following work is planned. Please make a note of your area as some streets will have greater impact and disruption than others.  In some cases, multiple contractors will be involved.

8th Street from Birch to Dogwood; Dogwood from Birch to Cedar Drive: – sidewalk to sidewalk rebuild. All driveways and property frontages will be protected or restored. Sidewalks shall be slightly widened (1-2 feet in most cases), all within the City right of way with the road width remaining the same, and new ADA ramps installed. Any yard, fence or landscaping impacts shall be mitigated, protected, or rebuilt as you have now. As a fairly recent example to see, East 5th Street, between Whiteriver and Clarkson was reconstructed a few years ago. In your case, we do not have room for the bike lanes, but we can improve sidewalks.

Dogwood from Jays to Edelweiss; Southbound Fir Avenue from Dogwood to 7th: - New asphalt and new ADA ramps at corners and crosswalk at the school.

Dogwood, Buckeye, Cactus, Cedar, Dogwood, Elder and Edelweiss: - crack seal and chip and seal.

Fir, 12th, Hickory, Spruce, Sage, Firethorn, and Graham: - crack seal only

Jays Avenue: - crack seal and seal coating.

The complete rebuilds will take several weeks to complete. The crack seals and chip and seals, though done at separate times, should only take a several days each. A few days before the activity you should receive a door hangar indicating a more specific time when the street needs to be cleared of vehicles or equipment. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and hope you enjoy the street improvements. This project is completely funded by City tax dollars. If costs come in that exceed the budget, the City will need to make some decisions on how to scale back the projects appropriately.

For your information, the various forms of maintenance are intentional as a best use of the budget and appropriate application for the various forms of road repair. Crack sealing protects the subgrade, thereby helping to prevent water and ice infiltration that causes soft spots, settlement, “alligatoring”, etc. Seal coating is for roads that are in decent shape, but have “micro” cracks that would become bigger cracks in the future. Chip and seal is a seal coat with a new thin gravel surface as a “wearing surface” for roads that are showing signs of surface degradation. We have designed the best application as needed for each of the streets noted above. The hope and various national studies indicate such maintenance typically adds around 10 years to the life of a road, with the possibility of a repeat of such maintenance in 10 years as opposed to a complete re-build of a roadway which is often at least 5 times as expensive.

Thank you for your patience,

City Public Works / Engineering Department

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