Right of Way Use and Excavation

A Right of Way Use and Excavation permit can be obtained in person from the City of Rifle Public Works department, which is located in the lower level of Rifle City Hall or by clicking here.

There is a $50 permit fee.

Responsibility Contract Agreements

  1. This permit is required to be kept on the job site at all times during all street cut work. No uses or excavations are allowed except those specified in Location(s) listed on the opposite side.
  2. Contractor shall be licensed to work in the City of Rifle. Contractor shall remain licensed for at least 30 days past the 1-year performance inspection of any cut made.
  3. A cash deposit of $500 (max.) or a security bond in the amount of $1,000 (min.) per cut is required for work in any City of Rifle street or alley.
  4. The City of Rifle will hold deposit or bond for at least 12 months from the completion date of this Right-of-Way Use and Excavation Permit. (Sec.11-4-80)
  5. All construction and back filling shall be completed in accordance with the latest edition of the City of Rifle Public Works Manual.
  6. Contractor is responsible for obtaining utility locates in advance of starting any construction work.
  7. Contractor is responsible for providing traffic management. Traffic control devices and their deployment shall be in accordance with the latest edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). The City may stop work if this condition is violated.
  8. Contractor is responsible for notifying the Police Department (625-2331) and the Street Department (625-0453) in advance of any construction to apprise them of construction schedules and street closures. Contractor must maintain communication until finished.
  9. Contractor shall notify area residents and businesses a minimum of 2 days before the start of work, if it is anticipated that the proposed work may impact or inconvenience them. Check with City, as necessary, for impact clarification.
  10. Contractor shall be responsible for completion of all asphalt and concrete restoration within 30 days of initial cut. Contractor is responsible for maintaining all street excavations by providing temporary (cold mix) to the existing surface level until 30-day asphalt and concrete restoration is complete. All cold mix shall be completely removed and hot mix to Public Works Manual Specification applied.
  11. Contractor will be given only 1 opportunity to correctly repair any failed patch. Any failed patch not immediately corrected by the contractor will be corrected by the City using contractor’s cash deposit or bond. If insufficient funds are available, the City will bill the contractor.
  12. No new Right-of-Way Use and Excavation Permits will be issued to any contractor who violates any of the above responsibilities.
  13. Deposit/ Security Bond amounts may vary due to work conditions. (11.4.080 (e))