Right of Way/Streets Permits

Burn Permit
  • Please note if you intend to do any burning (ditch, slash, etc.), you need not only a burn permit through the fire district, but you also need an air quality permit from the State. 
  • The fire permit can be obtained at the north Rifle fire station (970-625-1243).
  • The air permit information can be obtained via the State of Colorado Website
  • The City does not monitor burning activities.

Right of Way Permit
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The Right-of-Way Permit is for work that is intended within City rights-of-way, easements, or property.  In general, this includes but is not limited to public streets, alleys, City parks or property.  Work entailed is construction such as roads or sidewalks, utility work such as water, sewer, or "dry" utilities (public or private), or work that may occur outside of the right-of-way yet may require right-of-way space to conduct such work such as tree trimming, temporary storage of materials for landscaping, etc.  

The Permit has three main goals.  1) provide contact information for the responsible party; 2) affirm liability and schedule and; 3) verify the type of work and impact and provide for recovery costs should City property be damaged.  Depending on scope, duration, technical difficulty, the permit requirements may vary from job to job.  Work done without a permit can be construed as a violation of code, trespassing and/or damage to public property.

The form may be emailed in for review or printed and dropped off at the Building Department.  At minimum the City requests 48 hours (2-business days) to review.  The greater the complication, the longer the review time.

Right-of-Way Use and Excavation Permit

Right of Way Permit for Use of City Sidewalks

There is an application process to obtain a Right-of-way Use Permit that allows establishments to have tables and/or seating on the City’s sidewalks pursuant to the provisions in the Rifle Municipal Code. The form may be emailed in for review or printed and dropped 
 off at City Hall in the drop box.  At minimum the City requests 48 hours (2-business days) to review. 

ROW Permit - working_R Permits
Attachment A for R Permits

The City of Rifle does not encourage or condone any violations of current Public Health Orders. The City of Rifle does not have jurisdiction over the service of food and that authority lies with the Garfield County Health Department.  

Watershed Permit Applications

For watershed permit applications please see the Utilities Department web page.

Permit Applicant General Liability Note
For permit applications that have site work (single family home, new driveway, etc.) the below note must be on the plans or in applicant materials.  Please download, review and attach accordingly.

Permit Applicant Liability Note (PDF)