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The City's Community Access department oversees Rifle Community TV (a community access — cable channel, web player, & streaming app), and (a community access website).

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Community Access TV / Multimedia overview:
The City of Rifle's Community Access department (and our brands' Rifle Community TV and RifleNOW) has the unique assignment of collaborating with Rifle organizations & individuals in an effort to Produce, Distribute, & Archive impartial, hyper-local, and non-commercial media/multimedia content in three strategic content categories.

Our Three Strategic Content Categories:

  1. Governmental Decision-Making:  media that provides Government Transparency, Accessibility, & promotes Civic Contribution.
  2. Community Ownership:  media that Showcases the Community while promoting a sense of Community Connection, Inspiration, & most of all Ownership.
  3. Community Information/Affairs:  media that assist in the circulation of Essential Public Information regarding Affairs & Issues of Local Interest.

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Rifle Community TV (the brand)
"Showcasing Rifle’s story, one moment at a time..."

Rifle Community TV (RCTV) is a government access channel as provided for in the Telecommunications Policy Act of 1984.

Our Purpose: Rifle Community TV provides Community Access Television for the citizens of Rifle, Colorado.

Our Mission: “Promote a local culture of awareness, participation & ownership among citizens & community leaders.”

Our Video-Streaming Platforms:

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view/download our RifleTV+ streaming app at these locations:

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Channel 10 on Xfinity

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RifleNOW (the brand) Logo

"a Collaborative Community Communications project"

Our Collaborative Online Services:

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