Projects Under Design / Construction**

*Budget Pending
**Timeframes and costs shown are approximate and subject to change
Project Major Scope Bid Month Const Time ~COST/TIME
*3d Street and Railroad Ave Road Rebuild, Utilities, Streetscape, Bid Closed Summer 21 3M
Centennial Pkwy Bridge over Rifle Creek Remove and Replace Centennial Bridge and improve current stream flows Bid Closed Spring 2021 1M
Airport Road Maintenance Seal Airport Road Surface as Preventative Maintenance March 2021 Fall 2021 175k
Street Crack Seal Crack filling of selected Streets March 2021 Spring 2021 60k
I 70 Gateway Landscaping, Grading and Lighting of the I 70 Interchange North of the Roundabouts March 2021 May 2021 250k
Park Hill Earth Retention Bank Stabilization at Fravert Ave April 2021 Summer 2021 TBD
Airport Road Maintenance Construct and install new water tank above the airport May 2020 Summer 2020 .8M
Whiteriver Ave Overlay Mill and Overlay South of 16th St June 2021 Summer 2021 TBD