Detectives Division

Crime Scene.jpgThe Detectives Division supports the Patrol Division by conducting investigations of reported criminal activity in the City of Rifle. An investigation may include conducting interviews with victims, witnesses, and suspects, analyzing information for validity, reliability, and accuracy; and compiling a factual and comprehensive case to be presented in court. Detectives may also respond to and process major crime scenes to ensure that the highest level of investigation and evidence collection methods are achieved.

Detectives will frequently complete the processing of physical evidence and prepare evidence for submission to the Colorado Bureau of Investigations.


The Detectives Division is augmented with personnel assigned to the multi-agency Drug Task Force, TRIDENT (Two Rivers Drug Enforcement Team). Rifle Police Department actively works with and contributes to the Drug Task Force which operates in the City of Vail as well as Garfield, Pitkin and Rio Blanco Counties.Drug Bust

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