Host A Special Event

Hosting a Special Event in the City of Rifle?

Find answers to most commonly asked questions and find our City permits required for any of your events here.

Special Events

With every Special Event coordinated, an Events Use Permit Application (PDF) must be completed and submitted along with any other necessary documentation. Remember to only print off and complete the necessary forms.

If you come across something you are not sure of, or if you have additional questions, please feel free to contact Rifle Parks & Recreation at (970) 665-6570 or by Email. All complete applications must be received no less than 45 days before the scheduled event date.

If you would like to have a Banner submit a Banner Request (PDF) (Banner Requirements)

If you would like to request special use of the newly constructed Centennial Park, please complete the Centennial Park Request Permit (PDF).

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Special Events License and why do I need one?

A Special Event License is a permit allowing groups to use public space for an event. You will need a license if any of the following is true of your event:

  • You will require 1 full day, or multiple days for event execution (Fairs, Fund-raising Events, Festivals etc.)
  • Your event will have vendors or there will be any sale of merchandise
  • Consumption of, or sales of alcoholic beverages will take place
  • Road closures needed
  • There will be outside music put on by live concert, generator service or loud speaker
  • You are planning on having a parade as part of your event

Who do we contact for a liquor license?
You will need to fill out a blank Liquor License form

Any questions please contact the Rifle City Clerk at 970-665-6405.

Are we responsible for our own trash removal?
Yes. You are responsible for coordinating your own waste removal. Waste includes trash and ANY material left over from vendors, stage construction, and deconstruction, additional port-o-pot emptying and removal and patron foot traffic trash.

Please note that all trash receptacles are required to be equipped with lids and must be provided in each vendor location.

Who do we contact with questions regarding Special Event Information?
Please contact the City of Rifle Special Events Coordinator at: 970-665-6570.

How soon do you need the completed packet returned?
Preferably we would like the completed packet returned no less than 45 days prior to your event. To guarantee your specified dates are available we suggest returning your packet (or at least application) 3 months before.

Who do I return my completed packet to?
Please return completed packet to the Rifle Special Events Coordinator. You are more than welcome to return the packet in person, mail to the address below, or fax to the following number:

Rifle Recreation

202 Railroad Avenue

Rifle, CO 81650

Fax : 970-665-6570

How much does this event cost?

This depends on the various types of permits needed for specific reasons. Please review the rest of the packet for pricing and deadlines.

What type of help will the City provide, if any?

The City may provide volunteer participants, but please do not depend on our staff to work your event.

How much do I have to insure my event for?

We ask that you insure your event with a $1,000,000 combined single coverage plan indemnifying the City of Rifle with a 30 day cancellation period. Please make sure to list the City of Rifle with the following statement being added to the plan:

Additionally insured, City of Rifle, it officers, officials, and employees.

What type of regulations do my vendors need to follow?

Please make sure your vendors have checked with the State of Colorado Health Department. There are specific codes and regulations outdoor vendors must abide by.

If sales are conducted, a City Sales Tax License will need to be applied for by the vendor, through the City of Rifle.