Solid Waste Collection

Allowable Solid Waste Materials
 Allowable solid waste materials are all ordinary household items that are non-hazardous.  All items must fit inside your 64-gallons and/or 96-gallon trash can.  No items are to be placed on top of the lid or outside the trash can.  Items not in the trash cart will not be picked up.

Additional service if need can be obtained by calling the City of Rifle at (970) 665-6445.

A trash cart should be placed in the street at the curb not on the sidewalk with the arrows pointing out. The container should not be within 3 feet of any obstacle including the recycle totes.

Solid Waste collection occurs in Rifle Monday through Thursday. Holidays observed are;
New Years Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.

If there is a holiday on a service day, all services from that day forward will shift to the following day.
Example: Monday is a holiday, Monday service will shift to Tuesday and Tuesday service to Wednesday and so forth. Wednesday is a holiday, service will shift to Thursday and Thursday to Friday. Prior day will run regular schedule.