Prosecuting Attorney

Angela Roff, is the Prosecuting Attorney for the Rifle Municipal Court.  She has an office in Glenwood Springs and can be reached at  970-665-6426. 

The Prosecuting Attorney is typically only at the Rifle Municipal Court on scheduled court dates.
Information About Discussing Your Case With the City Prosecutor 
The City Prosecutor has asked the Court to let you know that she is willing to fully discuss your case with you before you appear in front of the Judge.

It is Your Decision
Whether or not you discuss your case with the City Prosecutor is entirely your decision. You are not required to speak with the City Prosecutor. The City Prosecutor is the Prosecutor; she is not your attorney. What you say to the City Prosecutor during these discussions cannot be used against you during a trial if you later decide to plead Not Guilty.

Rights of Prosecutor
In making your decision whether to speak with the City Prosecutor, you should understand that the City Prosecutor has the authority to decide which cases should be prosecuted. She also has the right to offer you the opportunity to plead guilty to less serious charges and she may make recommendations to the judge about what fines and/or jail would be appropriate.

Court Does Not Participate
All these matters are appropriate topics of discussion with the City Prosecutor. The Court does not participate in these discussions. The Court cannot guarantee that you and the City Prosecutor will be able to resolve your case during these discussions.

Asking for an Attorney
If you wish to talk to an attorney after discussing your case with the City Prosecutor, the Court will grant you one short continuance to do so. Plea bargain offers made by the City Prosecutor will not be withdrawn because you wish to consult an attorney. Such offers will remain open though your next court appearance. Please let the Court Clerks know if you wish to speak to the City Prosecutor before you appear in front of the Judge.