Application for New License

Licensing and Regulation of Marijuana Businesses has been amended and the amendments to Rifle Municipal Code were adopted by Rifle City Council on November 19, 2018.  Ordinance No. 18, Series of 2018, amended the code and provided for a 5% additional sales tax on retail marijuana products. 

To read the new regulation select the following link: 

Ordinance No. 18, Series of 2018

​Available Marijuana Business Licenses

Upon the availability of a license, the City Clerk will publish notice of an available license(s) and accept applications for a period of sixty (60) days following publication. Applications will not be accepted without an appointment with the City Clerk

Allowed Marijuana Business Licenses

Medical Marijuana Centers, Retail Marijuana Centers, Medical Marijuana Cultivation Facilities, and Retail Marijuana Cultivation Facilities are allowed in the City of Rifle.  Retail marijuana store licenses are only available to the current licensed medical marijuana centers.

All other marijuana businesses are prohibited.

Contact the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division First

A City of Rifle Marijuana Business License is not valid if the licensee does not have a valid license from the State of Colorado to operate its marijuana business. Before you apply for a City Marijuana Business License, please contact the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division and begin the process of acquiring a State of Colorado Marijuana Business License.

Check the Zoning Regulations

Marijuana stores can only be located south of I-70 in a Light Industrial Zone District, Light Industrial PUD Zone Districts (if general retail sales are allowed in the PUD), or Industrial Zone District and is prohibited in all other zone districts. 

A Marijuana Cultivation Operation may only be located in the Light Industrial Zone District or Industrial Zone District and is prohibited in all other zone districts.  A Conditional Use Permit from the City is required for a Marijuana Cultivation Facility.

Contact the Planning Department to learn how to apply for a Conditional Use Permit. 

You can view a map showing where these zone districts are located (PDF).

Application Information

The following documents completed by each individual applicant, officer, stockholder, director, managing member, member, partner, or center/operation/manufacturer/facility manager
The application process includes the following steps:
  1. Completion and submission of application forms and fees by applicant to City Clerk (accepted by appointment only)
  2. Review of documents for completeness by staff
  3. Background investigation by staff
  4. Review of results of background investigation by staff
  5. Decision by City Manager
  6. State approval
  7. Issuance of licenses by City Clerk
The process generally takes 3 - 4 months. For additional information, please contact the City Clerk.