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Provides drinking water (a life-sustaining resource), and wastewater treatment (an essential component of environmental health) to the citizens of Rifle.

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On January 21, 2020 the City of Rifle Utility Department received a report of backflow prevention devices being tested by individuals with expired certifications and results reported under the license of a separate individual. Once we verified this information we had to invalidate the results of 52 backflow prevention tests. As a result of this, we failed to complete the testing requirements for backflow prevention devices. Prior to invalidation of these results, the system was in compliance and we anticipate returning to compliance by having the devices in question tested at no cost to customers by June 1st, 2020 as most of these tests were performed on outdoor irrigation systems. Uncontrolled cross connections can lead to an inadvertent contamination of the drinking water. At this time there is no action needed by our customer nor do you need to seek alternate sources of water. We encourage you to share this information with persons served who may not otherwise have access to this information.

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To promote positive growth through responsible resource management.  

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To exceed the facility operator code of conducted through our core values of integrity, service and commitment.