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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is the management, analysis, and storing of geographic data, organized into a usable format or display.

• GIS Data & Maps

word_cloud_gis_26_10Geographic Information Systems is the creation, management, analysis, editing, and storing of geographic data, organized into a usable format or display. GIS combines layers of information about a location and overlays them to give the user a better understanding of that location. The result is a more efficient organization of information that supports the decision-making process. The City of Rifle uses GIS every day for several applications and to assist such Departments as Planning and Building, Public Works, Utilities, Emergency Services, Finance, and Administration.

The City makes every effort to provide its employees and citizens with the most accurate data and information available. Most maps are updated as data changes or become available. Maps produced by the City GIS department are meant to assist the work and interests of its employees, outside agencies, as well as its citizens, however, they are only meant to be used as thematic tools and should never be used in place of surveys or legal documents.

• City of Rifle Mapping Application
This application provides users with an easy-to-use, intuitive experience built on the inherent nature of a 
Google based application.  Users can browse an interactive map that provides information on addressing, ownership, flood plain, utilities, zoning and more.  Click the link below to access the mapping app: