Streets Capital and Maintenance Plan

Shown below is the life cycle of a typical asphalt roadway without routine maintenance. The road stays in good condition for the first 75% of its life and then rapidly degrades, usually after about 20 years.Pavement Aging

If the same road above receives regular maintenance the road’s life can be extended without reconstruction. Every jump in the red line below represents an improvement to the road that restores it to near its original condition. If done early, each jump can be 40 times cheaper than a complete rebuild. (To rebuild 1 block of road costs around $253,500.00. To place a protective surface such as a Microsurface on 1 block of asphalt costs $5,950.00.)Road Life with Preventitive Mait

What this means for Rifle’s Roads

It is the City of Rifle’s priority to keep good roads good with routine maintenance and not let them fail. Currently 66% of roads in Rifle are in good condition. These are the roads that will be the highest priority. 22% of roads in Rifle are in fair condition and can be repaired with resurfacing. It is important that these roads are resurfaced before they become failed or poor.  The remaining 13% of Rifle’s roads are failed or poor. These roads will be rebuilt as major rebuilds and Capital Improvements which will utilize grant funding. These roads will be prioritized by urgency of repair and will be scheduled as funds/grants are available.

A detailed table of the Streets Capital and Maintenance Plan can be accessed here: /DocumentCenter/View/11944