Railroad Ave & 3rd Street - reconstruction


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Construction Updates (July 27)

  • RAILROAD newly paved parking lotAVE. TEMPORARILY REOPENING, Tuesday, July 27
  • Understanding the importance of the Garfield County Fair and in an effort to ease congestion, Rifle City Council made the decision to temporarily open Railroad Avenue on Thursday evening. The road will remain open throughout the fair, but will then close again to complete the new concrete installation.
  • East 3rd Street to East Ave will remain closed

Construction Updates (July 12)

  • CrewsStamped concrete crosswalk are completing the drain work on East 3rd St. which will set the project up for concrete paving following the drain build-out. It is important to remember once concrete paving is poured it is a 7-day cure time before vehicles can drive on the surface.
  • Work continues on the north end of Railroad Ave. with curb and gutter installation.
  • Paving of the parking lot north of the Rifle House building on Railroad Ave. is tentatively scheduled for the end of the week.   Once the parking lot and the approach to south Railroad Ave. are complete that section of roadway will reopen to vehicles.

Construction Updates (July 2)

  • Crews Rifle Railroad Ave are concentrated on completing the sidewalks on East 3rd St. today in order to have downtown accessible for the Fourth of July holiday weekend. More temporary barriers will be erected to guide pedestrians to ways around the construction activity.
  • Crews will not be working on Monday, July 5 in observance of the holiday. 
  • Next week, work will be working on the north end of Railroad Ave. with curb and gutter installation beginning on that section. Sidewalk demolitions will follow once the curb and gutter is in place to support the awnings in front of businesses.  
  • Water services are being brought over to the new waterline 
  • A special thanks to crews for removing the sidewalk, installing electrical conduits, tying in the water service, pouring, and finishing the corner of 3rd and Railroad all in one day.
  • Be sure to get out this weekend and support your local businesses!

Construction Updates (June 24)

  • Crews Sidewalk on north side of East 3rd Streetare concentrated on the northside of East 3rd St. today and tomorrow to trench for electrical and irrigation conduit. There will be an open trench delineated with barriers.
  • Today (Thursday, June 24), the sidewalk in front of Rifle Cowork will be poured and the demolition of the sidewalk in front of Shooters will occur. The concrete will be poured back at the location in front of Shooters tomorrow and accessible for pedestrians to walk on before the weekend. This will also occur from East St. on the south side up to the front of Jalisco.
  • Waterline testing will continue intermittently.

Construction Updates (June 14)

  • Work this week continues on sidewalk demolition and concrete pours on East 3rd St. Monday (6/14) and Tuesday (6/15) crews will be in front of the Moose Lodge and Jalisco. Wednesday and Thursday they will move to the sidewalks in front of Rifle Cowork.
  • Crews will also pour sidewalks and curb & gutter on the east side of Railroad Ave. in front of the businesses between 2nd and 3rd Streets.
  • Waterline testing will continue intermittently. 

Construction Updates (June 7)

  • Pedestrian access remains open.
  • West Third Street is nearly complete. There may be a short closure for striping.
  • The sidewalk on the east side of Railroad Avenue is being replaced. 
  • There will be a short water shut-off to complete the tie-ins which will likely be later this week or early next week. Affected businesses and residences will be notified ahead of time.
  • Demolition and excavation have begun between Third and Fourth street and new concrete will be laid between Second and Third street.
  • All businesses are remaining open and accessible. Please continue to support our local businesses!

Contacts for Questions & feedback:

  • Questions or feedback can be directed to the hotline at 970-987-7293 or can also be sent to a new email set up for the project rifledowntown@gmail.com.