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May 24

Why I want to work for the Rifle Police Department

Posted to Positives within Your City by Michael Churchill

Ever since I was a little kid I dreamt of becoming a Police Officer. When I first came to Colorado, I was amazed by the mountains, the way of life and the kindness of its people. As life took its turn, I came to live in the town of Rifle; As years flew by I stayed local until it was my time to serve my country in the U.S Marine Corps. Now, as my Four-Year enlistment comes to an end, I would be honored to come back and serve and protect the property and lives of both citizens and guest of Rifle Colorado. 

Even before I left for my service, I knew, Rifle would be the town I would come back to and raise a family. Coming back to Rifle and seeing how fast it is growing and all the changes that come with a growing town, it is tough to see that drugs, theft and crime is also growing. Giving back to this community and having an impact on the positive changes will be a great satisfaction. Knowing that the community feels safe and protected when they see us patrolling the town and responding to their calls for assistance.

It would be an honor not only to be a part of this community, but also to be part of the great men and women that protect it. I am excited to have the opportunity to serve with helpful, knowledgeable and experienced officers; This will help me learn and grow as a person and as a police officer. Serving along with team oriented officers, that are doing everything in their hands to promote the peace, safety and the well-being of the Rifle community is what encourages me to be part of the Rifle Police Department. The Rifle Police Department offers many opportunities for me to continue to learn and progress professionally.

The experience I have gained while serving my country has given me the confidence I needed to become a police officer. It helped me to mature so much more and acquire skills such as; leadership, personnel management, decision making and critical thinking under stressful situations. I also possess an extensive knowledge of ground patrolling, security, surveillance, data collection, marksmanship and detainee handling. Skills that will help me better serve and protect the citizens of this city. While I was in the service I traveled to many countries and different parts of the United States. It was then that I saw that our presence makes people feel safe and protected.

Coming back to Rifle Colorado, I look forward to working for the Police Department, helping the men and women of this great department serve and protect this community. Knowing that the citizens of Rifle feel safe when they see us patrolling, assisting, interacting, and responding to their calls for assistance is a great satisfaction. Same satisfaction I had when I served and deployed with the U.S Marine Corps. I am excited to get a chance to work along the great man and women of this Department and have an impact on the positive change of this town.

Oct 08

The City of Rifle wants to be a Ghost Town (At least for a month!)

Posted to Rifle Rapport (CT articles) by Michael Churchill

As soon as the first leaves start to fall, they begin to appear. Ghosts and ghouls in trees. Skeletons on porches. Witches with cauldrons on the front yard.  Frightful or delightful? Either way, we can’t wait to see them!

The City of Rifle Parks and Recreation Department is hosting a Halloween House Decorating Contest! With aspects of the holiday still shrouded in uncertainty due to the pandemic, this is a great way to safely have a fun Halloween season.

“Since many things are being canceled this year, this is the perfect way to keep people in the Halloween spirit while helping to keep them safe,” states Keirstin Pierce, Recreation Coordination Assistant for the City of Rifle. “I love seeing the excitement and I definitely can’t wait to see the creativity.”

A spreadsheet will be compiled of all of the entrants so that citizens can drive or walk their neighborhood to see the decorated homes.

Registration is free and there will be prizes for first, second and third place. The registration deadline is Wednesday, October 28th

The contest complements efforts by the City to reconnect people with one another. The recent creation of the Rifle Humanity Restoration Crew emphasizes a return to friendliness. Saying “hi” as you walk by or giving a wave or friendly smile. Small gestures that City Manager Scott Hahn says have slowly deteriorated over the past several years. A common mission of getting people out to see cleverly decorated homes and promoting the fun of the Halloween season is one step in that mission of unification.

So what are waiting for? It’s time for the spirits to be freed.  

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