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Jul 16

Meet Your City Council - Sean Strode

Posted on July 16, 2019 at 1:40 PM by Michael Churchill

After moving to Rifle in 2012, one of the first lessons I learned is that even one person can make a difference in a small town. Feeling an inability to make an impact on national politics, I believe I can help make quality, community-driven decisions on a local level. That is why I chose to run for City Council. 


Originally from rural Wisconsin, I made my way to Rifle by way of Chicago, Boston, San Antonio, and Denver. I have worked in academics, public relations, marketing, and community service. Still, my passion for making Rifle a great place to live and my pride for our community are my greatest strengths as a Councilor. My goal for being on Council is simple: to make the best decisions possible, based on longevity, for the residents of Rifle and the surrounding communities. In each meeting, workshop, and discussion I have as a Councilman, I strive to put my personal thoughts and opinions aside and make decisions based on what I believe is best for our citizens.


In addition to my role on Council, I am also the President of the Rifle Area Mountain Biking Organization. We are a local trail advocacy group that encourages outdoor recreation. One of our projects was the Morrow Draw trail that runs along 9th/Morrow. In the next few months, we hope to open even more walking and biking trails in-town, near the new water plant. 


 It’s an exciting time to be in Rifle. At the time of writing this article, Council is currently working diligently on recruiting a new City Manager, refining the plans for our new Rifle pool facility, and overseeing the city’s month-to-month projects. This year we have also had in-depth discussions and trainings regarding recreational marijuana and the possibility of a private/public partnership for a new city hall. We also currently have construction underway for new businesses by the hospital (across from Megan Avenue) and the new Wendy’s facility, which will redefine our city’s gateway.


Over the next 10 years Rifle will most likely see an increase in population, so we need to think about how best to approach this growth. This is our opportunity to approach expansion in an intelligent, well-thought-out manner, while also honoring and maintaining its historical virtues. Smart growth, logical planning, and staying focused on our community culture will be key elements in the coming years.


In closing, I am humbled that the citizens of Rifle chose me to be one of their representatives. It is not a task that I take lightly, and will always strive to do the best job I can. As a public servant, I value the opinion of each resident and am always open to your thoughts and suggestions.

Sean Strode
City of Rifle, Colorado

Sean Strode Photo

Each week or so for the next several months, we will be highlighting our City Council members. If you have suggestions for future articles or questions you would like answered, please contact Kathy Pototsky at


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