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Apr 11

It’s Spring Clean-up Time!

Posted on April 11, 2019 at 10:51 AM by Michael Churchill

Attention City of Rifle residents! Here comes your chance to rid yourself of that clutter you have been tripping over for the past year. That pile of junk will be picked up by City crews right in front of your house. It’s the 12th Annual Spring Cleanup!

This event has been very successful in Rifle over the past several years. Nearly 450,000 pounds of trash was disposed of in 2018. This is almost 100,000 pounds more than 2017! 

Spring Cleanup is organized by Rifle Community Service Officer Sara Flores and carried out by an army of City employees from various departments. Since her job is Code Enforcement, Officer Flores is no stranger to finding illegal dump sites. 

“People would be surprised by how much trash we find on City open spaces and public lands. This event helps put a dent in that,” says Flores. This is your opportunity to have that hard to get rid of item picked up at your curb.

The collections will start April 22nd and run through May 2nd. Where you live determines the date of pickup. If you live EAST of Railroad Avenue and Highway 13, you will need to place your items curbside on Sunday night, April 21st. If you live WEST of Railroad Avenue and Highway 13 OR anywhere south of I-70, please have your items out Sunday night, April 28th. City crews will only make one trip through your neighborhood. Do not put items out more than 72 hours ahead of time.

You should be aware that there are some rules for placing items out for collection. The most important is no hazardous materials or electronics. So don’t put out your old computer and printer. Brush and tree limbs must be neatly stacked and tied. Further, absolutely no loose trash. Small trash items and leaves should be bagged.

According to Mike Altman, City of Rifle Operations and Maintenance Supervisor, “Everything has gone really well in past years. Putting stuff out there loose is the only problem we run into. We have to shovel it up or pick up individual pieces. Metal should also be separated out since it is disposed of at a different location.” So please be considerate of the men and women doing us this favor and make it as easy for them as possible.

People attempting to sidestep the rules also became an issue in 2018 and officers would like your help to curb this behavior. As Officer Flores explains, “We had a huge problem last year with people adding unacceptable items to other people’s piles. Please help by keeping watch for this. It is common for people to go take some items from piles and since they are piles of presumably unwanted items this isn’t necessarily an issue. However, if you see anyone adding to the pile who does not appear to be from the adjacent home, please call the non-emergent dispatch number immediately at 970-625-8095. Please try to supply us with a license plate number and description of the vehicle, suspects, location, and items being placed. If the opportunity arises to safely take photographs or videos, please do so.”

So how much stuff can you get rid of? The limit is less than 5 cubic yards per residence. To help residents put a visual on what constitutes 5 cubic yards, Altman says it’s 8’x 5’x 3.3’. 

There is also a big bonus for residents who act quickly. The Rifle Police Department will be handing out a very limited number of free TV disposal coupons you can take to the dump. These will be distributed on a first come, first served basis and are available Monday through Friday at the Police Department. There is a limit of one per household and you will need to bring proof of residency to receive a coupon.

So start rifling through your garage citizens of Rifle! It’s time to get rid of that broken high chair now that your youngest has just left for college. Most important, be respectful of City crews. This is a great service and well worth the 5-second delay you may experience when driving past. Perhaps you could even say “thank you” as you cross paths on your way to your now clutter-free home.

For more information, call 970-665-6525, check the City websites, Facebook or Twitter pages or pick up a flyer at the Rifle Police Department, 201 East 18th Street.

Rifle Rapport is a periodic article featuring the people and projects of the City of Rifle. If you have suggestions for future articles, please contact Kathy Pototsky at 970-665-6420 or


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