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City of Rifle Downtown Redevelopment Business Impact Grant


  1. 1. Grant Information
  2. 2. Application
  3. 3. Statement of Understanding & Certification by Applicant
  • Grant Information

    1. Downtown Redevelopment Project Business Impact Grant
    2. Program Overview:

      The 2021 Downtown Redevelopment project has created significant challenges for the small business community in Downtown Rifle, especially following over a year of mandated restrictions and closings caused by COVID-19 pandemic. This fund is designed to help impacted businesses bridge the gap in operating expenses while the redevelopment project is impacting operations.

    3. To qualify for funding, business must meet the following criteria:
      1. Applicant has been negatively impact by the Downtown Redevelopment construction project. Limited sales, closures, etc.
      2. Applicant must have been open as of March 1, 2021 with a physical, store-front address within the confines of the project. The project confines are Railroad Ave. between 2nd Street and 5th Street and 3rd Street between West and East Avenues.
      3. Applicant applying for the funding must be a small business with less than 50 employees and have local ownership.
      4. Applicant must be in good standing with the City of Rifle and/or Colorado Secretary of State
      5. Applicant must provide a line-item budget of the operating expenses for which the grant will be used.
      6. Grantees are encouraged to work with the RREDC and the Northwest SBDC on their business plan and model in order to have a higher likelihood of success. These services are free of charge.
    4. Grant Terms:
      1. Grantee shall provide to RREDC receipts or other documents requested by RREDC to ensure that the funds are spent, or are used to reimburse expenses incurred, in accordance with and for the purposes authorized by the CARES Act.
    5. Maximum Grant Sizes:

      Maximum loan amount will be $2,000 per business based on documented need/approved use of funds. At time of application the applicant must upload documentation of operating expenses from March, April and May 2021 to support the grant amount being requested.

      Failure to upload documentation will result in an incomplete application. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

    6. Grant Fee/matching:
      There will be no fees or matching funds associated with the grant.